Customer Support Specialist (Global - Remote)

Preferable Location: Prague, Belgrade, São Paulo, Bogota, Athens, Kyiv, Warsaw, Manila, Jakarta   |   Contract

Here’s what you’ll do:

- Respond to customer tickets via email and other messaging channels.

- Increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty by providing amazing, personal customer support.

- Help our customers with questions about our product, support and changes to their order, as well as coaching them toward making their first sale.

- Keep your finger on the pulse of our customer base, helping the team understand what our customers are thinking and asking for.

- Escalate any issues/important information.

- Keep every customer happy :)


-Ability to work afternoon hours CEST time.

- Really, really, really good writing skills, who can rewrite this bullet to make it sound better Support experience. You know what it takes to make customers happier than they were before they met you.

- Have a passion for others. You are invested in delivering outstanding customer service in each and every interaction.

 - Multi-task with the best of them. You think nothing of juggling multiple conversations, tasks, or priorities. 

- Own the story. Once you start something, you’re not satisfied until you’ve seen it through to completion. It’s important to you to be able to sign your name to everything you do.

 - Fearlessly jump right in. Nothing intimidates you; no one gets under your skin. You have a knack for keeping your head when those around you back down.

- Agile, quick problem solver.

- Able to handle 100+~ tickets a day.

 - You have at least 4 years of relevant professional experience, including 2+ years of providing customer support or technical support, ideally in a B2C or in e-commerce.

 - You love working remotely and have solid experience working with people across different time zones. 

It’d be REALLY great if you also:

 - Have some skills in graphic design 

- Have experience with Zendesk and Slack.

- Have worked with digital creators before.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 5 days per week
  • 2 weeks paid yearly leave
  • December bonus

Sounds like you? Want to be part of a smart, creative, motivated team working hard to build something big? We’ve been around since 2016, producing handmade personal logos for over 150,000+ awesome customers from every point of the globe. If this sounds like something you want to be part of, we want to hear from you.

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